Our values



Not everything is available organic, so our hard and fast rule is that whenever we can support organic and biodynamic methods, we will, quality is paramount and luckily, good production methods almost always mean better tasting product.

Fair Trade

While 'fair trade' on paper seems very appealing, in practice its less than great for farmers, while it promises a minimum price for goods, the minimum price is often much less than the product value (sometimes much less than the cost of production) Fair Trade is a commodity marketing company, we would rather see more money going to the actual producers, so our coffee is purchased around 6x the current FLO price.


Unfortunately we are at the mercy of our seasons, we don't have avocado and tomato in the winter, which is a good thing, because out of season they're simply not good to eat!
e always try to fill in the blanks and have some good alternatives but ultimately you should just take the best of the season we are in.


Free Range

We source all of our animal products from free farmed methods, this can mean we occasionally run out of something and is a result of these production methods relying on a lot of people doing the right thing.
In some cases we find suppliers who would rather not pay for certification to keep unnecessary costs down, instead opting to be more transparent directly with us and giving us full access to inspect their methods

Sustainability and our Planet

This is really the core of our ethics, most of our other practices all hark back to what our effect on the greater environment is, for that reason it is our most important ethical standing, our aim is to be as benign to the environment as we can, we do this through the following methods.
All materials that come into GoBang are either compostable or recyclable, so everything we give to you, can either be consumed, composted or recycled, we would strongly encourage you to do so, we compost all of our food waste as well as most of our paperwares, what can't be composted goes into the recycling and we constantly monitor our practices and work to improve them, if you would like coffee grounds we offer 20 litre returnable buckets at no cost, they can be used in loads of other appications too, everything from beauty products to insect repellent, a quick google will quickly use a whole bucket!